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Same Day Delivery Flowers

Same Day Delivery Flowers.

Our same day flower delivery is a very fast way to send high quality fresh flower arrangements. We use the relay company Interflora. Here is quick and brief history on how the sending orders from shop to shop has evolved.

In the 1930’s which was long before the ability to use credit cards an association was born called “Interflora” the idea was to have an organization owned by the member florists that would allow the sending flowers from shop to shop that guaranteed the quality, service, and last but not least a payment system that allowed shops to be paid regularly.

Zip forward 40 years, and Interflora had competition. Teleflorist had come along, the two organizations made it very easy for local people to be able to walk into most flower shops and send flowers same day to anywhere in the U.K.  You could look into a picture catalogue and select what you wanted to send.

In the late Seventies and early Eighties the use of the credit cards caused a boom in flower deliveries and helped make it even easier to send flowers, now customers could pay by phone. The downside is they could not see the flower bouquets they were sending, (the internet has solved that little problem) they would often ask for a colour theme or a particular flower to be included.

This is where I come in, I worked in my Mum and Dads flower shop in Manchester from being 10 or 11 years old. We were in Telflorist at the time. Mum and Dad made the decision to swap to Interflora as they decided, the florists at that time were better and therefore   better for their customer. This was not an easy thing to do. The members owned Interflora and each applicant were literally investigated to make sure they were a florist of the highest standards.

Moving forward to a new century. WOW things have moved fast now, you have Interflora (now privatised), Teleflorist, Flowers Direct, iflorist, Florist2Florist to name but a few on top of that supermarkets, department stores all offering flower deliveries.

So which is the best, of course this is a matter of opinion. Floristry has come a long way over the years and there are a lot of excellent independent florists in all the above named flower organizations.

A florist delivering your flowers will always bring higher standards than a central order gathering organization that gathers up your order on a mass basis and does not have the versatility of a net work that involves florist shop deliveries. However for the time being I feel Interflora remains the number one choice for quality, service design, and customer value. 

On our same day flowers selection we have a wide choice of flowers including favourites like rose flowers, freesia, lilys, gerberas, and many more. We also have a quick and easy way to send gift sets. You can send Flowers, Wine, Teddy, Chocolates & Champagne gifts sets with same day delivery