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Flowers With Free Delivery and how we do it

Genuine free delivery on your flower order is not easy to achieve. It makes our flowers with free delivery page the best all round value. My name is Andrew and for my sins  I am a director of  E  Flowers UK. I also work as a consultant for what I consider to be  the best wholesale florist in Manchester.  I have many roles within the running of the wholesale business, the one that helps give E Flowers UK the edge however is having an up to the minute  price guide and even more beneficial is the availability of the flowers that are in season.

Many flower websites claim to import their own flowers from Holland, what this means in most cases is that they buy from a traveling Dutchman. This is when a big truck pulls up at the florist door and sells direct to the florist, I am sure you will have seen them somewhere on your travels. Well; we do buy flowers that way too, in fact we have been dealing with the same traveling Dutchman for 23 years, we get great value and service from them.

Flowers Free delivery the E Flowers UK way

  We know the aution prices on a daily basis, it helps us to buy UK flowers at much better prices. We increase our purchase of flowers going through the Dutch Auction that are under the normal prices, and decrease our purchase of flowers going through the Dutch Auction that are higher than normal prices. What does that mean for you the customer? Well it really means we go back to how a florist shop ran before the Internet, when a customer would phone and ask for something bright and cheery to cheer a friend, which could mean us creating a hand tied flower bouquet out of yellows and whites or pinks are always a popular colour for a lady, it could be to make sure we include there favorite flowers, maybe that’s lily bouquets This would leave the rest of the floral creation to the florist. With all the huge variety we have coming into us on a daily basis, you can be sure of a truly beautiful and designer flower arrangements.

Our aim is to average a £6.00 discount off the normal price of the selected UK flowers, there by giving you, the customer a genuine flowers with free delivery. We work very hard on achieving free delivery and we set our prices to the minimum needed to keep the free delivery  genuine. We do increase the minimum sell price of our free delivery flower category in the winter months and reduce the minimum  sell price in the summer months. There are simply more flowers and therfore more bargains in the summer months than there are in the winter months. I hope you have found this insite on how we do things at E flowers uk of interest and if you have any questions do not hesitate to e-mail me through our contact page.