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Best Buys at E-Flowers by Buttercups and Daisies


Welcome to our “Best Buys”. The special offers page works similar to our free delivery category. There is only one main difference; in this section, you are selecting the colour (as in the free delivery category) and the flower type. This means we maintain a stock level of the flowers in the best buys category.


The flower prices going through the Dutch auction do change on a day-to-day basis. When we create our hand-ties for the best buys page we design flowers that are in season i.e. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Generally selecting the flower type does reduce the discount we can offer on our flower hand-ties. The great news is the picture price discount is the minimum amount of flowers that will go into your order.


To clarify, what I am saying is if the flowers in your order are going through the auction below the prices we have calculated to give you the picture price discount the flower value that goes into your order will increase. With a guarantee that if the flowers are going though higher than we have calculated you will receive the genuine picture price discount.


 I hope this helps with how our best buys category works, We are a flower shop and all our orders including online orders are made by fully trained florists, but more than that they are truly brilliant at designing flowers and making your choice the perfect gift. We deliver all our best buys on our next day delivery services.